🎓 New Draft Customization Features: Enhanced Personalization and Control

We're thrilled to unveil our latest draft customization features in MailWiz, offering you greater personalization and control over your email replies. Keep reading to learn about them! 👇

🎓 Teaching MailWiz Specific Information

You can now teach MailWiz specific information about you or your business, such as your name, whether you use MailWiz for personal or work purposes, your company name, a brief company description, and any other information you'd like MailWiz to know (with a 1500 character limit). To input this information, simply navigate to the "Customize" section in your MailWiz account. By providing these details, MailWiz can craft even more personalized and accurate replies, ensuring your email communication is tailored to your unique needs.

Screenshot 2023-04-29 at 10.52.07.gif

✉️ Setting the Tone for Generated Replies

The tone of your email communication is crucial for building strong customer relationships. With our new feature, you can set the tone for generated replies by choosing from options like matching the sender's tone, formal, or casual. This added flexibility allows you to maintain a consistent voice in your emails, leading to better communication and improved customer rapport. Start customizing your tone today by navigating to the "Customize" section in your MailWiz account.

🚫 Ignore Specific Senders

Sometimes, you may want to pause MailWiz from writing drafts for a specific sender. Our new feature allows you to do just that, giving you increased control over your inbox and helping you avoid unnecessary drafts. To ignore emails from a specific sender, navigate to your "Draft Settings", and find the "Ignore list" section.


Availability and Access

These new draft customization features are available to all MailWiz users. We're confident that these enhancements will make your email communication even more efficient and personalized. Enjoy!