🕵️ Enhanced Email Detection for Better Drafts

We're excited to announce an important improvement to MailWiz! In the past two weeks since our launch, we've been listening to your feedback and working hard to make MailWiz even better. Today, we're rolling out a significant enhancement to our email detection capabilities.

MailWiz is now much better at identifying emails from legitimate humans that you probably won't reply to, such as thank you messages or simple acknowledgments. While MailWiz already had this ability, we've fine-tuned the system to significantly improve its accuracy.

The main benefit for our users is fewer distractions. With this update, MailWiz will no longer create drafts for emails that don't require a response, helping you stay focused on the messages that truly matter. As always, we appreciate your support and encourage you to share your feedback as we continue to develop MailWiz into the best AI-powered email assistant for your business needs.

Other improvements you might notice:

  • MailWiz should also be much better at identifying unwanted emails like newsletters and confirmation emails, for which drafts won't be created.
  • Drafts that MailWiz writes should sound more natural and fluid.